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March 8, 2012 - ,

Mission Possible: The Women’s Way

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The pocket guide to succeeding in the corporate workplace

Sometimes, with a few handy hints and tips, anything’s possible…

Mission Possible: The Women's WayMission Possible: The Women’s Way” (launched in February 2012) is a pocket guide to succeeding in the corporate workplace aimed at young women starting out in their careers. The guide poses the extremely topical question of “how can I best use my qualifications and skills in a job which is both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating, without having to make sacrifices on my private life”?

This 96-page read, which is small enough to fit in your handbag, came about thanks to a personal initiative led by authors Constance Chalchat, Céline Gallon and Joel Abrahams, three BNP Paribas employees. Inside this guide, the authors share their professional experience, as well as personal hints and tips on how to really stand out from the crowd in the workplace.

“Our guide deals with the question of how to balance professional and private life, and above all presents concrete answers to the questions that women continue to ask themselves”, explain the authors. “For example, how to choose the company that’s right for you, how to dare more in the work place, how to develop your professional network or even how best to stand out from the crowd at the beginning of your career. On top of this, we share in the book a number of handy retorts which have worked for us in our careers (as it’s not completely useless to have or two of these pre-prepared to help you out of certain quandaries!)”.

The guide – which has already begun to attract significant interest from various women’s networks and humanitarian organisations from around the world, is available in French and English.

All profits from the sale of “Mission Possible: The Women’s Way” go to projects linked with ensuring educational and career opportunities for Women from difficult and under privileged backgrounds.

The authors have also been very conscious when it comes to the socially responsible side of their initiative – the guide has been printed on entirely recycled paper, in “green” ink, and the help of a French non-profit organisation which helps disabled people back into work (an ESAT) has been employed to handle packaging and postage.

The guide is available to purchase online, through the website